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Sep 23 2014

PIHP SMALLImagine, if you will, the opportunity to have a “shut-in” with God, a beautiful time in which you dedicate yourself to true intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and a time in which you will never forget the amazing peace and joy. 

Pausing in His Presence allows readers to take the unforgettable journey from the Outer Courts to the Holy Place and then finally into the place of pure satisfaction and rest--the Holy of Holies.

Author Sheri Powell welcomes you to partake in the memorable experiences of many others as you read “Pausing in His Presence”.


 What Others Are Saying About Pausing In His Presence....

Sheri Powell is an encourager. Let Sheri encourage you through God’s Word to PAUSE and personally respond to God’s invitation to deeper intimacy with Him. 

Pastor Garry Wiggins
Evangel Temple Church
Jacksonville, Florida

As I read through the pages of Pausing in His Presence, I could sense God’s Presence drawing me closer to Him. As an intercessor and prayer leader, I highly recommend this book as a valued resource for churches, prayer groups, and any individual who desires to increase their knowledge of prayer and experience God’s presence for themselves.

Kathy R. Green
Prayer Intercessor, Christian Author & Speaker
Potter’s House, Dallas, Texas

I love the zeal that Sheri has for the things of God and for the advancement of His Kingdom. Putting to paper experiences from shut-ins is an excellent idea. I can only imagine what would happen if God stirred up the Body of Christ in strategic places for all to shut in and call on His wonderful name and seek His face, all at the same time. What a breakthrough we’d have in our spirit!

Reverend DeWitt Stevens, Jr.
Senior Pastor of Macedonia Church, Norwalk, Connecticut

As I started reading Pausing in His Presence, I paused at chapter 3. I have to say that Sheri is right in there with the best of the contemporary Christian writers I have read in the past 30 years. Clearly Sheri has yielded to God in her writings. I recognize the Spirit as He led in the writing of this book. Pausing In HIs Presence has an unmistakable mark. God bless you, Sheri.  Continue writing.

Sherry Fowke
Jacksonville, Florida



Pausing With God

What Others Are Saying About Pausing With God.......

“Sheri has an anointed message divinely given to her for the sole purpose of relieving, comforting, restoring, and inspiring women before, during, and after menopause.”
Cleo D. Graham, R.N.P., B.S.N.,M.N.

What’s absolutely clear to me after reading Pausing With God (although I already knew it) is how you so love the Lord!  It’s a truth that resonates with every turn of the page.  I commend you my sister, for your persistent resolve to put to pen what has been bottled up in your heart.
Joleen Green
Bridgeport, Ct

I was amazed at the level of faith this woman of God has, but she doesn’t hesitate to share an honest human side of herself. Author Sheri Powell’s clever use of analogies and scriptures prepares the readers for each section and each point. Pausing With God has humor and wisdom…a good mixture for an easy-to-read book.  
Sherrie Clark
Writer & Editor

This book is awesome!  I am now reading it for a second time.  You cannot stop reading once you start.  Pausing With God is the kind of book that you get something out of every time you read it.  There is a message for everyone.  Pausing with God, Pause with God, and Pause for God's direction.  I got it and it is so awesome!
Patricia Pickett
Jacksonville, FL

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