Take Some Time To Pause

There’s a door in our house that the lock hasn’t been used for some time, until the other day. Without paying attention, guess what I did? Yep you guessed it, I accidentally locked the door.

Stop laughing, I hear you saying to yourself, ‘Okay, open it.’ 

‘Yeah I wish it was that easy.


locked door A


This was one of those doors in our home that is rarely locked. Because we didn't lock the door as often as we used to, last time I remember I removed this particular key off my keychain. I ran downstairs and grabbed a butterknife and a flathead screwdriver. Running back upstairs, out of breath, I tried to use my MacGyver skills, but the lock didn't budge. I paused and thought of my next step. I pulled my keys out and tried one key at a time - no luck.

I sat down on the stairs by the door and thought to myself, ‘Why in the world did I take the key off my ring?’ Not sure for how long, but I sat there shuffling my keys in my hand. I looked at each key, one at a time and it felt like this one particular key was staring at me. But I shook my head, and thought; I tried that one, didn’t I?


I got up and tried to convince myself, 'One more try can't hurt.' As I placed that key in the keyhole, before I could utter, ‘It’s not it’ the door popped open.

In Matthew 16:19, God says, I will give you the keys of the Kingdom...this is a reminder that you and I will experience a lot of situations and challenges, but there will be a lot of these where we fail to realize that He has given us the key to unlock them, the solution could very well be in the palm of our hands.  

I had a choice, sitting on the other side of the locked door.  I could have kicked it in, but the consequences of those actions would have been costly. It was when I paused long enough to get my thoughts together, to pay attention to what I had in my possession; that is what made all the difference.  Yes, I had the key, all I had to do was use it. 

How about you, do you find yourself on the other side of a locked door? Are you knocking, banging in desperation for it to open up? Don't be discouraged, but pause and take a closer look. Could your answer very well be in the palms of your hands?  



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