Save The Date

Save The Date Mother & Daughter Brunch

Someone asked what’s the Mother & Daughter Brunch all about.

In 2001, after having been a volunteer at a local Boys and Girls Club for a while, we saw that there was a lot of untapped talent in the youth we were mentoring . We came up with an idea to surprise and showcase their gifts to their parents.

What began as a Mother & Daughter breakfast, started with 25 participants, a toaster and microwave; surprised us the following year with 175 attendees and a full brunch. One of the best parts was because of the support and donations were able to host the event for FREE!

We have an opportunity to host two Mother & Daughter Brunches, on in May 2019 -Jacksonville, Fl and in July 2019 – New Haven, CT . 

It is our hope to continue the tradition and have the celebration remain ‘FREE’ or at a minimum cost as much as possible, but we cannot do it without your help. Your monetary donation will allow us to provide this event at no cost to the attendees. All donations are tax-deductible,

Donations can be made via Paypal (PausingWithGod@gmail.com), Cash App ($Pausing) or mail a money order or check to Pausing With God Ministries P. O. Box 9172 Fleming Island, FL 32006.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

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