PWG Highlights – Tiffany and Angela


Standing in the gap for her 8 beautiful children and grandmother to twenty of the most joyful and jolly rugrats is our matriarch, Angela R. Tunsill.

My siblings and I are close in age, but this never seemed to be a challenge for our mom. We all felt and still know that we are all equally loved. Growing up, mom made sure we were well dressed and feed ‘really’ good. Our home was filled with laughter, it was an environment where we were able to talk about anything.

As a twenty-eight-year-old, married mother of three; I am proud to say I still seek my mother’s approval, as well as advice.  My mom has been the example and set a standard which I implement as I fashion my own family.

Our mother has had her fair share of challenges. Dark days where she lost hope, wanted to give up and frequently asked, “Why me?” Strangely enough, these seasons of her life, motivated and strengthened her. 

Our mom always said, “When you all grow up, I want you all to be better than me.”  She knew we saw her struggles, the abuse and trying to make ends meet with little to nothing.  I know what she meant, as I find myself struggling from time to time, having a family of my own, while assisting the upbringing of my nieces and nephew.

This year has been a frustrating and exasperating one  for her.  Two of her children, who went astray are now incarcerated. In addition, all in the same year;  three different grandchildren passed away.  But in the midst of her tears,  her  questioning why, what did she do to deserve this, where did she go wrong, she remains the backbone for our family.

The trauma and the loss of a loved one has the ability to break  anyone, but not my mom. When you look at her,  she doesn’t   look like what she is going through. She continues  to stand  with her head held high and a smile on her face.

My mom means the world to me, and if I could give her the world, I would. She deserves it all and so much more.  Angela R. Tunsill,  you are a Woman Of Excellence, I love you mom!

8 thoughts on “PWG Highlights – Tiffany and Angela”

  1. This is beautifully written lil sis, and mother of one of the grands babies lost last yr.it brings tears to my eyes by I try daily to not allow it to keep me at all low in my life .Nothing like the list of a child .But Lord we were blessed with a mother with the greateas backbone but when all said and done even as adults she still love us all the same. God has not failed us and we wil always be heard and lifted in faith. God will never make us go thruthr anything and just just leave us . greatest comes ,just like dark but how we come out of those ashes and staying positive and moving forward it how we all stay blessed. I feel a book of ur own coming and so very proud of u like sis.keep up the good work,god is always watching 😍😘


  2. This is so true I’m the babygirl of the family and I look at my mother as my role model because theres nobody I know on this earth as strong as my mother . She is my go to person on everything. Life without my mother i couldn’t even picture I love you momma …. You did good big sis


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