PWG Highlights – A Woman Of Excellence

A Woman Of Excellence – Sylvia Dowdy

Aging has given me a clearer understanding of the ups and downs of being a mom.

I know that I could never have walked in her shoes. The strength I have as a woman, mother, friend and Christian, is rooted and fueled from Sylvia Dowdy (my mom).

As I reflect at the challenges that she has experienced in her life, I am amazed how she made it through and overcame with such dignity.

Even though I am 50+ years old, I still get them. The calls, voice messages and texts.

“Where are you, it’s dark.” I chuckle because I’m reminded that she loves me just as much, as an adult, as she did when I was a child.

I still enjoy our talks, our laughs and even our tears. Thank you, God, for my lil lady, meddling as she may be   I  wouldn’t change this journey or the many more to come!

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