A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 1: The Storm

“It is hard trying to find some semblance of normalcy, while waiting to see what might happen next.”

I just love this first chapter.  You have no idea how hard it is to write a review when you are privy to only one chapter!  But the first indication that it was going to be good was that I did not want to stop reading, I even requested to read the next chapter! From the first paragraph, Sheri has fashioned the female lead as relatable and warm.  She nervously jokes with her husband and goes on a short time later to pray for a safe flight home even though she knows there may be disaster to come from a looming storm. She’s unable to conceal her motherly concern and love she has for her family as she awaits their arrival. It is evident that her home is a haven for them all.  Such endearing family times can only be told by someone that has experienced them.  Sheri has clearly been a part, even the creator, of a warm, loving family environment. Excitement brews as the airport personnel are quick to advise everyone to be safe due to the anticipated hurricane.  Sheri is able to continue the excitement by ending the chapter with somewhat of a cliff-hanger sentence making this book a page-turner from chapter one!  What is to come?  What harmful intent is directed toward this beautiful loving family?

– Amy Dawn Brooks

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