A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 7: It Is Finished

“…each of us will become all we were created to be – Woman of Excellence.

“Wow”, “wow” was my constant exclamation as I read through this. I am touched by your mother’s heart for others, despite her own pain and struggles. I am also touched by how much Jesus suffered to procure for her eternal life in Him. Amen, what a witness!

I can identify with the shaping process outlined in this chapter and my spirit jumped and leaped when I read the conclusion of the matter – my God, beauty for ashes! What an exemplary example of answered prayer, when a mother ‘s and a daughter’s prayer is heard.

Look at what the Lord has done! Truly she was the planting of the Lord, for only the Lord could have planted such a special someone bearing eternal fruit for Him. Look at the results in you Sis. Sheri. fruit that will remain.

Reading this I feel like you’re not your mother’s only daughter honoring her, reaping the priceless spiritual benefits from her life in Jesus, but she has many descendants, many spiritual children… through you; through your life and your ministry, God is allowing you to birth so many more into the kingdom of God, including me.

I salute you and your Mother. This is an awesome legacy, and I am honored to receive from Jesus through your Mother, and now through you Sis. Sheri, her precious daughter. Hallelujah!

Concerning the baton that your Mother passed down to you, that you have passed down to others, who will in turn pass it down through the generations of your Mother’s labor of love:

The responsibility is great. The price is great.  The reward is even greater!

God bless you and your wonderful family. You have been such a blessing to countless women and to the body of Christ, and now I see why. You are truly following in the footsteps of a Woman of Excellence, as she followed Christ.

-Sister Mary  Hudson

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