A Woman Of Excellence

Thank you for pausing with me. My name is Sheri Powell, the proud Doula of Pausing With God Ministries. You know we all need a birthing coach and our mission here at Pausing With God Ministries is similar to that of a Doula, we love to engage, encourage and empower women to be all that God has created them to be.

We have seen numerous lives transformed. Women are challenged to turn their weaknesses into strengths and to use their gifts and talents to make a difference not only in their lives, but their family, as well in their surrounding communities. 

Not sure if you heard, but we recently had the privilege of hosting several Women Of Excellence brunches from Florida all the way to Connecticut. These events coincided with the launching of my third published book, ‘A Woman of Excellence The Ministry Of My Mother.’

From the onset of the planning stages for each event, we stepped out in faith (blind faith). God in His providence designed these labors of love to be a catalyst to woman of all ages: REVIVING, RENEWING AND RESTORING RELATIONSHIPS. It is our hope that our readers allow our story to bridge the gaps or maybe build an even stronger foundation in their relationship between their own mother or their own daughter.

Still after several weeks, we continue to receive testimonies, stories and comments on the impact each event had on the lives of those that helped prepare and participated. Like with a Doula no event can be successful without a team. So, I’d like to thank each of you, there were no small task completed, each undertaking was huge. Thank you who to all who prayed, donated, supported and attended; because of you, what a mighty time we had.  (Videos of events coming soon).

As each event concluded, there was a comment shared by many, “We can’t wait till next year.” Well, I have to say, that thought didn’t occur to me, but we will surely roll with whatever the Lord has in store for us in 2020. Stay tune!

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