Coming Soon…New Release by Sheri Powell God’s Got It Don’t Worry About Anything

“As much as daughters need their dad, dads need their daughters” Pastor Joel Pullen of Rehoboth Family Life COGIC in Bridgeport, Connecticut

For over forty years, Sheri has been filling her journals with her prayers and thoughts. God’s Got It gives us a peek into her father’s journals. His writing reveals his hidden feelings that have allowed Sheri to heal from her loss.

Sheri is the founder of Pausing With God Ministries, Inc., whose mission is to engage, encourage, and empower women of all ages, that in Pausing With God, we can live victorious in every season of
our lives.

What Others Are Saying About “NEW” Release

Standing ovation again, my sister! Riveting ~ a story of unconditional love. Forgiveness by God’s grace and mercy between a dad and his princess for things seen and unseen. Blessed to have known Mr. Simmons; a wise man with a kind and gentle spirit. What a blessing that he journaled, leaving his family with such a legacy of his innermost thoughts and prayers in the midst of trials, tribulations, health issues, and a mental illness which he didn’t allow to obscure him from loving & trusting the Lord. Sheri, such an inspiring story for all! Kudos for information and links on mental health to help others. Education is the key! – Sharon Tyson #GodsGotIt#Father#Daughter#LoveNeverFails

Wow, what a remarkable and touching journey. Reginald Simmons was an Amazing example of what life is truly about. Now I better understand the impact he made on his daughter, Sheri Powell my friend and author of this book. He certainly paid it forward in his endeavors to help and encourage others. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I just wanted to know what was going to happen on his next adventure. So grateful that even though I didn’t know him, he left his footprint in the sand. His legacy goes on as his ways of loving, caring and praying for others has been passed down to the next generation. Sheri, thank you for the times we’ve had Doughnuts and coffee and talked about life and the Lord. It definitely has a new meaning from this point on. Love you Sis!#Father#Daughter#RealTalk

God’s Got It is a sequel to The Ministry of My Mother – A Woman of Excellence.
The relationship between a father and his daughter is just as important as the
one between mothers and daughters. The dynamics of a father and daughter
relationship may range from healthy to unwholesome. It affects you on so
many levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.
While I do not know the current status of your relationship(s), perhaps you are
working through some challenges or grieving the loss of your parent or your
daughter. Maybe your relationship with your dad is in a good place – that’s
wonderful news. But even in the best of relationships, there is always room
for growth.

God’s Got It will remind some and refresh others…
● Remember, it’s not how you start, but how you finish.
● Realize you will experience a storm or two in your lifetime.
● Reexamine your relationship with your father, your daughter, but most
of all with yourself.

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