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The Inner Court

By now you may be feeling encouraged or discouraged or maybe even disgusted about the plans you had for this New Year…I’m talking about those resolutions.

We’ll I’ve been pausing to ask myself: ‘What does God desire to refine in me?’

If you have ever watched a potter at their wheel, you’ll notice they begin with a round, moist lump of clay. The clay’s body is thrown down onto the wheel and centrifugal force is applied until no more roughness is felt.

The potter’s thumb is pressed into the center of the lump to make a hole to the potter’s measurements. The sides are molded, and the vessel is smoothened and shaped. The item is then cut from the wheel and left to stiffen.

With the start of a new year, most of us have good intentions. But oftentimes, we find that we aren’t as successful as we’d hope we would be; and when we don’t meet the mark or measure up, we become discouraged.

A piece of clay has to go through so many steps before it turns out into a beautiful piece of art. No matter what you set out to do this year, maybe attack it in a different way. Like the clay: throw your plans down and knead out what is not working for you.

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I set out this year to tune up physically, but I realized it is just as important that I make some adjustments spiritually. No, I’m not gonna promise to read the entire Bible in a year, most definitely not going on a forty day fast, but what I can do is take it one day at a time.

Every morning that I get to open my eyes, I can do so with a grateful heart and whether I walk one or two miles or read one Scripture or an entire book in the Bible; God has me on His wheel and I’m feeling confident that when He is all done; I’ll be a piece of art that will bring Him glory!

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Last year (2020) one of the items on my bucket list was to run a 5K by my birthday. So the wisest thing to do, I thought was to join the gym and get to stepping. It started out on the right foot till COVID hit and I was given a choice. Use this unfortunate event as an excuse to postpone the run or allow it to push me to an alternative.

Well I am happy to say that I did accomplish this goal, but soon afterwards something happened…

2020 Prepping for 5K by my birthday

One of my ongoing battles, is that I reach a certain number on the scale, slide in my favorite jeans and then I tend to think that it’s time to pause and celebrate the weight loss. Before I realize it, I reached out for that extra bag of chips, candy bar, topped with a midnight snack. ‘But oh no, this was not a best practice for me nor a healthy one.’

December 2020, with encouragement from a few friends, we started a Zoom online exercise group. This group’s focus isn’t about weight loss, though that will be one of the outcomes, but about living a healthier lifestyle.

So I hear you say why online? I say why not. For me, hosting a class online is enlarging my level of accountability base and it is also another item on my bucket list. I would like to become a class or Zumba instructor by the time I retire (wish me luck, I got 5 to 8 years to go)!

Let this video from Rachel Engaging, Encouraging and Empowering you!

One of my biggest fitness heroes happens to be a good friend. I trust her because I have witnessed her journey and her beautiful success. From time to time, she will be sharing some tips or best practices that are sure to Engage, Encourage and Empower you.

T-shirt can be purchased on Amazon

So do more than stay tuned, let’s get physical! Send us an email to PausingWithGod@gmail.com, in the Subject matter enter: Zoom and we will send you the Zoom dates/times/more information.  

May God bless us with a healthier New Year (emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually).