Pausing To Share……

Dear PWG, I want to say thank you. Things have been tough and  I was losing my excitement. In the past I would just give up.  Because of the encouragement that I received from you and another lady, I am able to keep it moving. Thank you so much for what you do! –Anonymous

I have quite a testimony to share with you….it’s long but I’ll just share a briefly. Sheri, I have been struggling very much with menopause, in fact everything that could possibly happen to a woman during menopause has happened to me! I have a passion in leading small bible study groups for women and I feel that the Lord has impressed me to use your book.  I would love to have your blessing. God has done great things through this experience with Pausing With God. – Rita Vienne

Great ministry to help hurting women. – Tiffany Curtis Bernard

I believe God has a purpose for everyone…but I believe Sheri has put in the work to achieve her purpose. Keep doing what you believe in…you are touching and reaching many lives. – Larry Murphy

Pausing With God is a ministry that encourages you to take timeout of our busy days to “Pause With God” honoring Him in His Presence, doing His Will! – Shan Roundtree