Dear Sheri,

Hello my name is Rita Vienne. I have quite a testimony to share with you. Your name was given to me by the Holy Spirit. You see I have been struggling very much with menopause, in fact everything that could possibly happen to a woman during menopause has happened to me!

So one night approximately three weeks ago before I went to bed, I truly cried out to God. I haven’t had much sleep due to night sweats. Of course my emotions have been on a roller coaster as well.  As I was waking up the very next morning, I heard the Lords’ voice say your name “Sheri Powell”, three times ever so softly. I said, “Ok Lord is this someone that I need to intercede and pray for or is this person for me?”

I got out of bed and felt compelled to look on the internet to see who Sheri Powell was.  I even spelled your name right!  So I asked the Lord, is she a missionary, a reverend, a Christian author?  And lo and behold it did not take me long to find you.  I read your brief autobiography.  I said, Oh Lord this woman sounds so much like me and my life!  We have such similar passions.  I then saw on “Pausing With God”, as I read the description of the book I was shocked, my mouth dropped to my knees.

Thank the Lord I have an Amazon account, I looked it up and there was only ONE book left in stock. Hallelujah!1 I was so overjoyed of how the Lord answered my prayer. I have been taking my time reading the book and writing down my reflections.  By the way I have not had hot flashes during this time and no night sweats. What a miracle, a true act of the Lord. The Lord has such a sense of humor.

Now about myself.  I will be 53 years old, in August.  I am married to a wonderful godly man for 34 years, ironically he is an OBGYN.  I have 5 children and 5 grandchildren  I have a passion in leading small bible study groups for women and I feel that the Lord has impressed me to use your book.  The study will be held at my husband’s office.  I think it will be perfect as you know there is so much brokenness in this world.  I would love to have your blessing and would surely love to hear back from you.  God has done great things through this experience with Pausing With God.

Truly God has anointed you and blessed you beyond measure; you must have a heart like David, a woman after God’s own heart.  I want to thank God Almighty first for putting you in my life.  I would be honored to be in contact with you.  I would appreciate it, I have included my email address and cell phone number.  I know you are a busy lady, but if you can get in touch with me it would truly bless me.  May the favor of our Lord richly bless you as you continue to further His kingdom for His glory.

Yours truly, a sister in Christ,

Rita Vienne

Thank you Rita for sharing with us and we look forward to God doing some great and mighty things in the near future.