My name is Sheri Powell and I am the founder of Pausing With God Ministries. I wanted to pause for a moment and thank each of you in advance for your patience while our website got a face-lift moving from Joomla to WordPress.

We hoped to create a 2.0 experience with this new site. PWG as you know is a non-profit organization that is devoted to assist women in making a difference in their lives, family and community.

Our mission is to enrich, encourage and hopefully educate women in every stage of their lives. Our desire is for women to be able to address their challenges and what was once considered a weakness is turned into strength to go on and make an impact in their home and community that they live in.

So “keep in touch” so you can “stay in touch” .


Dear Sheri,

Hello my name is Rita Vienne. I have quite a testimony to share with you. Your name was given to me by the Holy Spirit. You see I have been struggling very much with menopause, in fact everything that could possibly happen to a woman during menopause has happened to me!



Dear PWG,

I want to say thank you. Things have been tough and  I was losing my excitement. In the past I would just give up.  Because of the encouragement that I received from you and another lady, I am able to keep it moving. Thank you so much for what you do!