Pausing To Share…

I have a surprise! For the past 12 months or so, I’ve been preparing for the delivery of a baby.

My recent exam revealed that the labor pains are getting closer and the baby is in a crowning position.  

This has been a long journey, but a memorable one. I am grateful for my birthing partners patience. I’m sure I have challenged them in more ways than one. We set out to not bring another ordinary baby into the world but are this labor of love is a blessing to many.

Here is a preview of what the baby will look like…  Before I begin to read Chapter Two “None Given”, I’m overwhelmed with emotions as I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been 10 years and 2 months since “Ma” passed, and I’m saddened by the fact that it’s been that long, yet excited for the chance to revisit her existence as she was such a phenomenal woman whose light shined so bright.

As I began reading, the words on the paper were a blur from my tears flowing like a faucet. I had to pause and ask God to help me make sense of the words. I must have read the first paragraph several times, yet I couldn’t tell you one word or sentence that I had read and reread.

After all my “drama” I was finally ready to begin. As I began, I wondered what I would learn new about “Ma” or what I had already known from our many talks we had had over the years. There were days where we’d be on the phone for hours talking, laughing and at times crying because of the everyday grind of life.  You see “Ma” had been a part of my life since the mid 80’s. Over the years we shared so much, and I learned so many life lessons from her and her willingness to be open and truthful.

After reading Chapter Two “None Given” my heart was heavy. I felt the sadness, the hurt and the heaviness of the words on the page. I felt “Ma’s” pain, her loneliness and desire to want to be a part of something that she never had. Then I realized that through her pain, she became the phenomenal woman that I loved so much. She had the gift to channel her pain to a place that benefited others never once letting on that she may have been hurting too and needing you as much as you needed her. She had such an addictive personality that you always wanted to be around her. She had a style like no other and to look at her was like looking at a Vogue magazine cover whether through her clothes or her home. She could decorate you or your home with the least, yet you always came out looking like a million bucks.

In closing, I’m so thankful and grateful to my sister in law Sheri for allowing me to reflect. It is because of her that I was able to cry, laugh and reflect on Ma’s life and death. While she may not physically be with us, she continues to live on in all of us that she touched.

The only “sorrow” is not in DeLorise but in the fact that DeLorise is no longer with us.

So, stay tune and stay in touch; it won’t be too much longer as you know once the baby’s head emerges, well – the rest is history. 


I was amazed at the level of faith this woman of God has, but she doesn’t hesitate to share an honest human side of herself. Author Sheri Powell’s clever use of analogies and scriptures prepares the readers for each section and each point. Pausing With God has humor and wisdom…a good mixture for an easy-to-read book.
Sherrie Clark
Writer & Editor

What’s absolutely clear to me after reading Pausing With God (although I already knew it) is how you so love the Lord!  It’s a truth that resonates with every turn of the page.  I commend you my sister, for your persistent resolve to put to pen what has been bottled up in your heart.
Joleen Green Bridgeport, Ct