The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word BECOMING as attractively suitable.

With each passing year, we can all agree that those unexpected challenges throw us a detour, but those surprisingly conquest fuel us to keep pressing for the mark. For the year twenty-twenty, we are determined that whatever season we find ourselves in, we want to be deliberate in becoming the best we can be!

Pausing With God’s heartbeat is to not arrive individually, but to engage, encourage, and empower you as well.  

We’d like to hear from you, what obstacles are you planning to move out of the way as you become the woman that you desire to be?  Pause and share, by emailing us at – let’s walk this journey together so we can become mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually fit  ~ looking forward to hearing from you.


Pausing To Share……

Dear PWG, I want to say thank you. Things have been tough and  I was losing my excitement. In the past I would just give up.  Because of the encouragement that I received from you and another lady, I am able to keep it moving. Thank you so much for what you do! –Anonymous

I have quite a testimony to share with you….it’s long but I’ll just share a briefly. Sheri, I have been struggling very much with menopause, in fact everything that could possibly happen to a woman during menopause has happened to me! I have a passion in leading small bible study groups for women and I feel that the Lord has impressed me to use your book.  I would love to have your blessing. God has done great things through this experience with Pausing With God. – Rita Vienne

Great ministry to help hurting women. – Tiffany Curtis Bernard

I believe God has a purpose for everyone…but I believe Sheri has put in the work to achieve her purpose. Keep doing what you believe in…you are touching and reaching many lives. – Larry Murphy

Pausing With God is a ministry that encourages you to take timeout of our busy days to “Pause With God” honoring Him in His Presence, doing His Will! – Shan Roundtree

What Others Are Saying …….

“Sheri has an anointed message divinely given to her for the sole purpose of relieving, comforting, restoring, and inspiring women before, during, and after menopause.”  Cleo D. Graham, R.N.P., B.S.N.,M.N.


As I read through the pages of Pausing in His Presence, I could sense God’s Presence drawing me closer to Him. As an intercessor and prayer leader, I highly recommend this book as a valued resource for churches, prayer groups, and any individual who desires to increase their knowledge of prayer and experience God’s presence for themselves. Kathy R. Green – Prayer Intercessor, Christian Author & Speaker, Potter’s House, Dallas, Texas

As it should be with any of us who journey through life with integrity and humility, there ought to come a time when we acknowledge the deposits that others have made into our lives. In her latest publication, A Woman of Excellence: The Ministry of My Mother, our dear friend, Sheri Powell, seizes the opportunity to give honor to whom honor is due as she pays homage to her own mother. – Pastors (Emeritus) Todd and Leslie Foster Church on the Rock – New Haven, CT

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