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Don’t suffer in silence!

Menopause Let’s Talk About It!

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Years ago, when I began experiencing several symptoms of menopause I was afraid to talk to anyone for fear that they would think I lost my mind. But the opposite was true, it wasn’t until I began sharing …that I realized I am not alone.

  • Did you know that there are about 37.5 million women reaching or currently at menopause.
  • The average age of menopause can range from 40 years to 58 years old.
  • The menopausal transition takes around four years for most women.
  • The average life expectancy for US women today is 84 years which means that there are a lot of hot mama’s spending about 50% of their adult life as a post-menopausal female.

Menopause is a natural and inevitable time in a woman’s life, but just the anticipation of this event can have one on “pins and needles”.   About 6,000 women in the United States reach menopause every day for a total of more than 2 million per year. Most of these women will experience at least one of the common menopausal symptoms.

Some of the most common symptoms associated with menopause are: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Irregular Periods, Loss of Libido, Vaginal Dryness and Mood Swings.

Some of the most common changes are: Fatigue, Hair Loss, Sleep Disorders, Difficulty Concentrating, Memory Lapses, Dizziness, Weight Gain, Incontinence, Bloating, Allergies, Brittle Nails, Changes in Odor, Irregular Heartbeat, Depression, Anxiety, Irritability and Panic Disorder

With September being Menopause Awareness month, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share a wonderful resource with you. It is filled with information about symptoms which you or someone you know may be experiencing. You will find that this resource will help you feel more comfortable discussing your concerns with your doctor, your family and other women who are on the same or similar journey. 

The Hormone Health Network’s Menopause Map™  is an interactive online tool for women that provides the knowledge, support and empowerment needed to take charge. It is a one-stop-shop to empower and educate women about the natural changes that occur as she approaches and goes through menopause, as well as what she might experience after the transition to becoming postmenopausal.

For more information, or to secure a copy of Menopause Map visit:

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