Pausing To Share…Testimonial

Thank you to all of you who gave up your Saturday mornings for twelve weeks. We walked away with the the truth that about depression and how to ‘live’ with it! Remember the helpful tips: Avoid being alone, Seek help from others, Sing! Praise and give thanks, Lean on the power of God’s Word andContinue reading “Pausing To Share…Testimonial”

Mother & Daughters

Beloved readers, This blog is very personal as I pause to remember and celebrate my mother and all the women in my life whose unconditional love has fertilized my heart, mind and soul to press to become the woman God created me to be. I remember her throughout the year but with Mother’s Day justContinue reading “Mother & Daughters”

Pausing To Share…Day One

You ever put an item on your bucket list and you are hopeful but won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen? I have often lived vicariously through watching shows that were made from the 1800’s; daydreaming of what would it be like to have lived back then. But then I shook off that possibility whenContinue reading “Pausing To Share…Day One”

Audio Book

We recently have connected with a few visually impaired sister~friends who would like the opportunity to enjoy our books. We thought why not, let’s give it a trial run, so we are making a selection (rough draft) available until Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Hurry and listen before link expires Check us out on Facebook Group: Continue reading “Audio Book”

Friday Fun Fact

It’s Friday and here is our fun fact. Every year, January 20th is celebrated as Camcorder Day. This contraption is one of the most popular human innovations of all time. Before the introduction of the camera or video recorders, it was impossible to record memories anywhere other than our brains. However, with technological advancements, thisContinue reading “Friday Fun Fact”

The Inner Court

By now you may be feeling encouraged or discouraged or maybe even disgusted about the plans you had for this New Year…I’m talking about those resolutions. We’ll I’ve been pausing to ask myself: ‘What does God desire to refine in me?’ If you have ever watched a potter at their wheel, you’ll notice they beginContinue reading “The Inner Court”

The Outer Court

We women have a defining quality that allows us to bond with one another. We are social butterflies, and friendship is a vital part of our lives. Unfortunately over a period of time, our solidarity with one another has been placed on the back burner. There are shifts in our responsibilities have taken precedence. FromContinue reading “The Outer Court”

Prayer Is A Priority

Pausing With God Ministries will take this first quarter to encourage, empower and engage you to make prayer a priority! A sequel to Pausing with God: A Journey through Menopause . Sheri Powell has recently published her second book Pausing with God: A Shut-In Experience. In both selections, Sheri reveals the importance of pausing withContinue reading “Prayer Is A Priority”