Pausing To Spotlight…LaShawnda Wright

LaShawnda Wright is the CEO of The Wright Administrative Firm and founder of Yes! I Got The Promotion course. She’s born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and has a heart to serve God. She’s happily married to her husband of 8 years, Sheldon Wright, and mother to 4 little beautiful and bright girls. LaShawnda is a mentor, teacher, administrator, coach, and most importantly a servant of God. 

LaShawnda is a trainer and career coach where her desire is to assist others in gaining a successful career to fulfill their purpose in the workplace. She offers trainings in providing skills and resources to help individuals land the career that God desires for them to have. 

Her background and skills includes providing  facilitation of life skills to at risk girls, facilitator of dining etiquette, previous case worker and trainer for public benefit department with the State of Florida and radio personality for a Christian radio station. 

During her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and educating the community. 

Feel free to contact LaShawnda for any questions through email at twafirm@gmail.com and also check her out on the web at www.thewrightadmin.com. You may also join the Yes! I Got The Promotion Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/453780932687457/

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