Pausing To Invite

Earlier this year the Lord allowed me to facilitate (online & in person) Bible Study: Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.

We came in with our bags full of worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and negative thoughts.

I wanted to pause and share one of the participants testimony, in hopes that you can be encouraged, empowered and become engaged in using the Word of God in the battlefield that may be going on in your mind.

I am glad for the invitation to the Bible study. I’d heard of the Battlefield of the Mind book before, but never read it.

A few months before, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that I can’t have fear for where He wants me to go. I knew all about taking our thoughts captive to the word of God, but this study was timely and exposed some wilderness mentalities and negative  self-talk.

The timing of this study was perfect and I could see God’s hand in this. By the end of the six weeks of school were during some challenging courses and time spent in the Bible Study assisted me in following Gods’ leading in the direction to go further in my education, even though it would add on two more semesters.

From the beginning  of the Bible study, I noticed I was thinking what I’m going through can be a testimony to show others that this mountain can be climbed, a mindset that I don’t not common for me.

Overall, I’m glad for the invitation because the overall the book and various wilderness mentalities like ‘My future is determined by my past’ and ‘Please make everything easy for me’ resonated with me.  Verses mentioned in the book like Hebrews Chapter 4, verse 16 and Galatians Chapter 6, verse 9; encouraged me to not give up when things were challenging.

Also the discussions about God not taking us out to an ocean to just drop us off there and rising above challenges with eagle wings was encouraging.

I did ended up passing some challenging courses  right during the last week of the Bible study and my self talk was not by might or power, but by the Spirit of the Lord. I’m really amazed and grateful of God’s timing and how He is preparing and strengthening me now and for the future by using this Bible study.

(name withheld for privacy)

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