New You!

The New Year is almost here and if you are like me, you typically would  jot down a few resolutions that you would like to accomplish. We tend to think about future goals, but if I can have your attention for a few moments; think of some of the aspirations you set for 2022 that didn’t quite come to pass.

Did you miss that chance to watch the sunrise, to walk on the beach or have that picnic in the park? What about that ‘free’ course you wanted to take or that self-care day you kept putting off?

‘I know you are saying how and where will I find the time?’ Well, I said the same thing. But this year after losing several loved ones and friends, I said to myself, ‘What am I waiting for?’

In late summer of this year, I had a serious talk with myself. I was determined and committed to make time to do the very things I believed I was destined to achieve. I ceased focusing on all the reasons why I couldn’t and began walking in my God given ability (Philippians 4:13, I can do ALL this through Him who gives me strength. NIV). So, now with 2023 approaching I find that I don’t have to make that list; for my goals have become a  lifestyle.

Most New Year’s resolution seemed to fizz out before January 31st . Instead of focusing on what you can’t do or even what others are not doing, maybe this year you will try something different, can you do what is necessary to put things in motion.

Like the Nike commercial says, Just do It!

And when you need help, don’t forget to pause and ask someone who has or is on the same journey, someone who will encourage, empower and keep you engaged in making your dreams come true!

Say yes, to making this a not only HAPPY, but a successful NEW YEAR!


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Published by PausingWithGod

Sheri Powell is the Author of Pausing With God A Journey Through Menopause (available in English and Spanish), Pausing In His Presence A Shut In Experience, The Ministry of My Mother: A Woman of Excellence and recently published God’s Got It Don’t Worry About Anything. Sheri’s heart beats to Engage, Encourage, Empower and Equip women of all ages, that in all you do; don’t to Forget To Pause! Sheri and her family reside in Florida. Sheri is available for seminars, conferences, evangelistic outreaches, youth events, bible studies, workshops or book signings at your event(s). To contact or book Sheri for your engagement, submit request by US Mail: Pausing With God Ministries P.O. Box 9172 Fleming Island, FL 32006 or

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