Bruised and Broken

The other day while driving down the street, I saw something in the road up ahead; but couldn’t quite make it out. As we got closer, I slowed down to take a look. To our left, close to the median; I saw it laying on its side. Right next to it was another one, I wondered could it be its parent or a friend; who knew?

The bruised duck didn’t appear to be able to move. I couldn’t make out if it was breathing, but next to it was an unharmed duck sitting next to its friend, looking just as broken.

This made me think of us, humans and how we treat one another. Romans 12 reminds us that we are many members in one body. We are to have brotherly love for one another. If you are rejoicing, I should rejoice with you. If you are crying, I should be crying with you. Most of all I am to live at peace with you.

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