Before we moved to Florida back in 1999, we were involved in street ministry for kids. When I considered the move, I thought my season for this type of ministry was possibly coming to an end. But to my surprise, I found out that a team member, attended training with someone in Jacksonville who was doing the same type of ministry.

Well, we moved, and I tried to chill out for a bit to get our family settled, but I was so excited about seeing what was happening with the JAX outreach. Shortly after contacting the founder, my family and I joined as helpers in the Ramona Boulevard, now known as Victory Pointe Boys & Girls Club and before we knew it; the residence (especially the children) became like family.

Some months later, we had an idea to have a breakfast. The first year, the mini buffet was birthed from toaster and microwave ovens. The feedback was so overwhelming, we began planning for the following year. This blessed event went on for nine years. With each year the gifts as well as the attendees multiplied.

The youth grew up and I went on to another season of ministry. With the help of Facebook, lately we have had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of the youth and we hope to have a reunion one day.  

Fast forward to the reason for this post. I was digging through some papers and found my notes for the 2009 Mother & Daughter Breakfast. This specific year, each mom was given one of the gemstones like those on the garment for the priesthood (Exodus 28:15-21) to line up with the message I would be sharing. The is a timeless message and one that I hope will be of some encouragement to you.

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