The piano is a widely recognized instrument known for its beautiful sound.  Every key has a different range, from soft to strong.  Well, some years ago, I purchased a keyboard for the sole purpose of making a joyful noise, well at least I was going to try.

I exited the music store with the salesperson in tow behind me. He gently packed the box in the trunk of my car. At last, my newfound friend and I were on our way home.

In the family room, after taking the contents out of the box, I fastened both of the legs on.  One, two, three, counting down like I was about to blow candles on a cake, as I took my right index finger and pushed the power button.  

I do not own the rights to this video

After a few weeks of banging on the keys, I decided it might be best to take a few lessons. It was during this time that I squashed the myth that every note had to be perfect. For me, playing was something that was relaxing and though I couldn’t play without reading music, I still found it to be fun. I discovered that with consistency, persistence and patience I was able to play Happy Birthday and several Christmas Carols.

So, you say, what is the moral of this story? Well, it’s to remind you that it’s okay when we miss a note, but if it’s something you are passionate about, don’t give up! Keep at it and eventually with consistency, persistence and patience, who knows, you too may be able produce something beautiful.

If this post has encouraged you, let us know by pausing and leaving us a comment.

Sheri is also the author of ‘Pausing With God: A Journey Through Menopause’ (English & Spanish), ‘Pausing In His Presence: A Shut In Experience’, ‘A Woman of Excellence: The Ministry of My Mother’ and the just released: ‘God’s Got It Don’t Worry About Anything’. 

Sheri looks forward to watching God show up and show His creation that He is who He says He is and will do what He has said He will do. Sheri is available for seminars, conferences, evangelistic outreaches, youth events, bible studies, workshops, or book signings for your event. To contact or book Sheri for your engagement, submit a request by US Mail: Pausing With God Ministries P.O. Box 9172 Fleming Island, FL 32006 or email at PausingWithGod@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “THE KEYS”

  1. This is an awesome message and consistency is something I’m working on. Soon, I’ll be able to produce a beautiful medley. Thank you for sharing!

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