Running or Looking?

The other day out of the blue I found myself humming, I Wanna Run To You by Whitney Houston.  I goggled the title of the song to see if I could find a reason why this popped in my head.  It was a song from the movie, The Bodyguard. 
I pulled up and read the lyrics which seemed to represent what many of us women have felt at one time or another. 
Most of us have ran and some still running to people, places and things.  We have been scared, hurt, felt all alone and just want someone to take the time to get to know the real us.  
In between the deep breaths, we make it look like we have everything under control, but on the inside we are falling apart. We all have a little girl inside who is longing for love and want to be kept safe from harm.  

My countenance changed as I looked over to the right.  I selected the video, I Look To You. 
After we have been through, when we have given our all; and there is no fight left in us.  It is then, we usually stop running and start looking. 
Let’s not wait till we realize that we cannot do it on our own,   LOOK to Jesus right now.  He will be our bodyguard and in Him we will find that His love is perfect and in Him we can be strong!

If this post has encouraged you, let us know by pausing and posting a comment.

Sheri is also the author of ‘Pausing With God: A Journey Through Menopause’ (English & Spanish), ‘Pausing In His Presence: A Shut In Experience’, ‘A Woman of Excellence: The Ministry of My Mother’ and the just released: ‘God’s Got It Don’t Worry About Anything’. 

Sheri looks forward to watching God show up and show His creation that He is who He says He is and will do what He has said He will do. Sheri is available for seminars, conferences, evangelistic outreaches, youth events, bible studies, workshops, or book signings for your event. To contact or book Sheri for your engagement, submit a request by US Mail: Pausing With God Ministries P.O. Box 9172 Fleming Island, FL 32006 or email at PausingWithGod@gmail.com.

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