If you ask my kids, I have always laid on the cautious side about partaking in the festivities around or on October 31st; but this post isn’t about me. Tonight after viewing my East Coast families posts, I thought about things differently.

There were several families on social media that caught my attention. Families are gathering in their homes creating memories. From carving pumpkins, to making paper crafts, to sipping apple cider, roasting marshmallows and eating smores.

While we are still be in the midst of a pandemic, but I see a new beginning. People are ceasing from complaining what we don’t have to celebrate what we still have before us.

There is a thankfulness in the air, thankful that we indeed have air in our lungs. Thankful for the family members that remain in the land of the living. A gratefulness that we got to see another day to say, ‘I love you’. True that in each family there are challenges and difficulties, but I see families being intentional about loving and spending time with one another.

Mother Teresa is know to have said, “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” This perspective is like an eraser on the top of a pencil. Removing what the world would have us to focus on and seeing the light in the darkness.

Today is setting the tone for us to become even more consistent and deliberate about spending time with our loved ones. This time together, doesn’t have to involve spending money or even going to a far away place. While it may be nice, we can have a picnic on the living room floor. We can create any kind of getaway if we want to, simply using what we have around the house. Keeping it simple, simply creating precious memories that we can keep.

So may today cause us to pause and remember that even though it’s easy to forget at times, family is the most important thing in the world.