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Right now, so many of us are facing so various kinds of grief. From the isolation and the losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to witnessing the reckless murders of our black and brown family.

Grief manifests itself in so many different ways. At present, it’s more prevalent than ever to practice self-care. Contrary to popular belief self-care goes beyond a bubble bath or a dinner date with girlfriends. Taking care of yourself mentally and spiritually is imperative. Here are some healthy ways to cope.

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The dynamics of a mother and daughter relationship take may range from healthy to unwholesome. They can affect you on so many levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. While I do not know the current status of your relationship(s). Perhaps you are presently working through some challenges or perchance you are grieving the loss of your parent or your daughter. Or maybe your relationship with your mom is in a good place — that’s wonderful news. But even in the best of relationships there is always room for growth.

A Woman Of Excellence The Ministry of My Mother will remind some and refresh others… • Remember, it’s not how you started, but how you end • Realize that we all experience a storm or two at some point in our lives • Reexamine our relationship with our mother, our daughter, but most of all with ourselves.

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