Pausing To Pray

Due to COVID-19 doctors have had to make the necessary adjustments in how they see their patients.

The instructions are to pull up to the building, text the office and wait in the car for the okay to proceed to the blue bench.

Green light…feeling like I rolled diced and moved to the next three spaces. By the time I made it to the blue bench, receptionist came out to take my temperature and squirted hand sanitizer in my hands.

After my appointment, I thought about this bee who though so many things that could hinder its day surrounds them everyday…they never stop buzzing, they don’t stop pollenating.

Instantly my perspective changes to gratitude. I begin praying for my doctor, who in spite of everything hasn’t let that stop her from seeing us, her patients.

I lifted up every first responder, all those that have an illness, those having a procedure this morning every store employee, every parent, teacher…everyone!

As I say amen, I’m reminded that no matter what is going on around us, no matter what the task for the day, we too must never stop…there are so many things we can do; and with this perspective we won’t complain about what we cannot!

Keep buzzing, keep pollinating and most of all keep praying!

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