Pausing To Share…Hope In Hospice

When I read the scripture and the devotional this morning in Early Morning Prayer it mentioned about a loved one who was in hospice in their final stages of life.

If the truth be told we are all in a natural (earthly) holding pattern, all in a spiritual hospice.

Let Go and Let God

The Bible says it is appointed to all men to die Hebrews 9:27. We are all on a journey, all in this thing called life going; all going to leave these earthly vessels one day.

Our prayer today is that this truth would encourage and move us to have an encounter with Jesus. Such an experience that it may be said of us that when we leave this earth, we will be sleeping in Christ.

I can speak from first hand experience of what it is like to let go of a loved one in the natural, one who has the comfort of God because they died in Christ. But in the process of grieving and mourning for our loved ones, may we be able to let go of all that hinders us from totally surrendering, trusting and living for Him God.

Pausing To Pray:

Lord help us on today…to taste and see how much You love us. You love us so much, enough to die for us that might live in You!

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