It’s Here!

It’s finally here, December has arrived, the last month of the year. I know you’re thinking 2021 has come and thank goodness it’s almost gone?

Throughout this year, many of us have or had something that we’ve been praying about, something that we asked ourselves, and even asked God…when will I see, experience or possess it?

Recently during one of my morning devotions, I was in the Book of Samuel, and I noticed how David was anointed BEFORE he became king. I paused and thought about that, and my thoughts quickly transitioned to Esther.  I closed my eyes and imagined how she had a time of preparation BEFORE becoming queen.

Imagine twelve months where someone prepared all your meals and bathed you. This process no doubt included cleansing, hygienic exfoliation, followed by a regimen of oils and perfumes. We could all use one of those right now.

It would appear that all Esther had to do for 365 days was to chill and walk around until it was time for her myrrh and spice treatments. (Esther 2:12-15).

Unfortunately, not many of us are like Esther, we can’t stop everything and take a year off, so I wrote this to encourage you that even in the midst of your cracked, wrinkled, wind damaged and sunburned situations; you may not feel it, but you are being prepared for ‘Something Amazing.’

While you are waiting by faith for God to work it out, may I make a suggestion. Look around your home for items that you can use to perform a homemade facial or body treatment. If you have nothing, perhaps take a trip to the dollar store. You can purchase knock off products. Go ahead soak your feet, paint your nails and pray over yourself while you lather up with cocoa butter or my favorite Vaseline.

Everything may not be shifting in your timing or your way, but do not fear. Be determined to use this season of preparation, to learn, to grow and to sow.

Sisters, lift up your eyes, to the hills where your help comes from (Psalm 121:1). God is preparing you for what is up ahead, a new year – – – a new beginning!

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