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Our Daily Bread

Another day where we find ourselves speechless. Last night we lost another member of our family and yet, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the love, mercy, grace and compassion of God. The Word of God is like that, it finds you right where you are and gives you exactly what you need!

Our Daily Bread is spot on… When We Don’t Understand.

In all this, Job did not sin in what he said. Job 2:10

“I don’t understand His plan. I turned my whole life over to Him. And this happens!” Such was the message of a son to his mother when his dream to succeed as a professional athlete was temporarily derailed. Who among us hasn’t had some kind of unexpected, disappointing experience that sends our minds into overdrive with exclamations and questions? A family member cuts off communication without explanation; health gains are reversed; a company relocates unexpectedly; a life-altering accident happens.

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