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Don’t suffer in silence!

Menopause Let’s Talk About It!

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Years ago, when I began experiencing several symptoms of menopause I was afraid to talk to anyone for fear that they would think I lost my mind. But the opposite was true, it wasn’t until I began sharing …that I realized I am not alone.
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Pausing To Share…You Are Not Alone

Have you ever purchased a new or used car (I’ve done both) and once you drove it off the lot; you’re puzzled each time you pass by a vehicle that looks just like yours. You thought you were the only one with that make, model and color.

That is similar to the feeling I had when I began writing a book about our dad. Though he knew I was going to put his journal entries in print, I found myself hesitating because dad passed away before he would be given the opportunity to read it.

I am confident that he would approve, because in spite of his challenges, what echoes throughout his journals is that he had a desire to reach out to others experiencing similar difficulties and let them know that they are not alone.

Thursday, Oct 8, 2020 was a special mental health episode on “The Talk”. Eve (American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and talk show hostess from Philadelphia), opens up about anxiety and panic attacks. She shares, “For her, it’s anxiety. She still has it; she still lives with it; it ebbs and flows… But now, she is so thankful to be able to do the show that is able to help people see that they are not alone and in hopes to give them some tools that they can use on their journey.

  • 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year
  • 1 in 25 U.S. adults experience serious mental illness each year
  • 1 in 6 U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year
  • 50% of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75% by age 24

A mental health condition isn’t the result of one event. Research suggests multiple, linking causes. Genetics, environment and lifestyle influence whether someone develops a mental health condition. A stressful job or home life makes some people more susceptible, as do traumatic life events. Biochemical processes and circuits and basic brain structure may play a role, too.

None of this means that you’re broken or that you, or your family, did something “wrong.” Mental illness is no one’s fault. And for many people, recovery — including meaningful roles in social life, school and work — is possible, especially when you start treatment early and play a strong role in your own recovery process.

Unfortunately, the general public does not have empathy for others unless it hits their home. Combined with the labels that society places upon them, it’s no wonder we are now seeing the masses come out from years of isolation. I say ‘Cheers’ to those of you who are brave enough to raise your voices and say, ‘It’s me, but most of all, ‘Thank you’ for reaching out and encouraging and reminding others that they are not alone. (Dad’s book, ‘God’s Got It’ will be published 2021)

Though Pausing With God Ministries was birthed from my season of menopause, we pray for you; our readers for any season that you may be currently experiencing. We want to share that if you have a family member or friend is experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder, there is help. NAMI is there to provide you with support and information about community resources for you and your family.

Find education programs and support groups at your local NAMI. Contact the NAMI HelpLine at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or if you have any questions about anxiety or want help finding support and resources

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Pausing To Share…So You Want To Write/Publish A Book

So there is a book inside of you?

Come learn a few of the basics and fellowship with other up and coming authors.

SEATS ARE LIMITED so sign up. Send an email to

In subject line: Book Symposium In body of email: include your name and contact number.

Stay tune for Zoom information.


National Daughters Day

Can we talk…seeing the world just celebrated National Daughter Day, did you post just so you didn’t feel left out?
How is your relationship really with your daughter?

The Ministry of My Mother will remind some and refresh others… • Remember, it’s not how you started, but how you end • Realize that we all experience a storm or two at some point in our lives • Reexamine our relationship with our mother, our daughter, but most of all with ourselves.


A Woman of Excellence: The Ministry of My Mother, A Memoir

The dynamics of a mother and daughter relationship take may range from healthy to unwholesome. They can affect you on so many levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. While I do not know the current status of your relationship(s). Perhaps you are presently working through some challenges or perchance you are grieving the loss of your parent or your daughter. Or maybe your relationship with your mom is in a good place — that’s wonderful news. But even in the best of relationships there is always room for growth.
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Pausing To Share…#TBT

September is Menopause Awareness Month….Preparation is the key!

Part 2 – Interview with Pausing with God Author, Sheri Simmons Powell

When my mom asked me to make a contribution in the foreword, my first response was, “I didn’t even know you were writing a book.” But after reading the first chapter, I wanted to let you know that this book was written by an inspired woman who cares not only about her own well-being, but about the well-being of others, too. I acquired lots of memories while discovering the good news about this book, too many to put to paper, but I believe she has designed a road map through menopause. I can’t say that it is easy, me not being a woman, but as my mom explains, menopause is not something you can get through on your own. If you let God guide you through this trying time, it will be less difficult. I encourage women to read this book and keep an open mind in order to obtain new information about menopause that you might not have previously known. – Joseph Powell (click, subscribe and share YouTube video)

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Mask Up

Not sure what you think when you read the title, “Mask Up” or how you even feel about wearing a mask.

The coverings are worn anytime in public when we are near others. Wearing a mask is a piece of protective equipment. When we wear a mask, we protect others, and when others wear a mask they protect us.

But think about ‘masking up’ in a spiritual sense, how that idea might translate to our spiritual lives. Ever thought that it doesn’t just protect us but also can protect others.

As we cover up in the Word of God, the Holy Spirit will order our steps in a way that will protect us from unnecessary trials and tribulations. We will love and not hate, we will forgive instead of trying to pay back, we will walk in peace and not strife, we will pray instead of preying upon one another. We will be able to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to the Lord, which is a blessing to those we come in contact with.

Covering up in the Lord, putting on God’s armor protects us, but also protects others.

Pause & Pray…Lord help us to see that there are some things, some decisions we must make that may go against what we want, but Lord help us see that they are for Your glory, for our good but also for the good of others!

In Jesus Name we pray Amen


Pausing To Share

One of my goals for today was to write a blog post for our website, but as I sat down for our morning devotion, I thought you’d be encouraged by the Scripture in Our Daily Bread, Galatians 6:7–10.

Maybe today you are saying for the 100th time that you are sick and tired of this pandemic. But the truth of the matter is, no day that we are alive in the land of the living is ever wasted.

Our prayer this morning is that we pause long enough to listen and be wise enough to allow God to order our steps and strengthen us for the task that He has called us to.

Don’t become weary in doing good. Galatians 6:9

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Buddy Up!

Pausing To Remind – Buddy Check 12 (Self Awareness Reminder)

Photo by Anna Shvets on
Pausing To Remind – Buddy Check 12
(Self Awareness Reminder)  
Mark your calendars,
set your alarm to remind a buddy
and check yourself on the 12th!

Buddy Check programs are now offered in multiple US cities, as well as in Japan and Germany. Here’s how it works:

  • Check out pamphlet
  • Or call your physician and get your step-by-step instructions for breast self-examination and self-awareness kit
  • Set a reminder that on the 12th of every month you will call your buddy and remind them to check themselves between the 7th and 10th day of their menstrual cycle
  • If a lump is detected, call your physician immediately

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns and we will try to provide resources that can assist you!

Pamphlet courtesy of Maurer Foundation Breast Health Education


Menopause Awareness Month

September is Menopause Awareness Month, an opportunity to educate one another about this season of our lives. Menopause is a natural and normal part of aging, yet there has been a lot of stigma and misinformation associated with it. And because of this and the way menopause is portrayed in much of the media, women have feared getting older, families have been disrupted and the misunderstanding has caused many challenges in the workplace.

It is amazing that nothing slips by God nor surprises Him. In Genesis 18:11, it says that Abraham and Sarah were old. Sarah was had stopped having her monthly periods and was past age of childbearing (paraphrase).

Menopause is said to have occurred when a woman has not had a period for 12 months. While the average age of menopause in the United States is 51, many women can and do experience it earlier. After menopause, a woman no longer produces eggs and thus cannot become pregnant naturally. However, there have also been rare cases, like Sarah’s and many others;  where women who have had babies as many as seven years after they believed they went through menopause – did I just hear you gasp!

Pausing With God’s mission is to educate, encourage and engage you to take advantage of the information and resources that you have at your fingertips. No one knows your body better than you so do not relent in becoming your best healthcare advocate.

Here is an excerpt from Pausing With God A Journey Through Menopause

Stop by our Resource tab and secure your copy of Pausing With God A Journey Through Menopause and other resources like the Menopause Map This resource is sure to help you on your journey.


Pausing To Share…Hope In Hospice

When I read the scripture and the devotional this morning in Early Morning Prayer it mentioned about a loved one who was in hospice in their final stages of life.

If the truth be told we are all in a natural (earthly) holding pattern, all in a spiritual hospice.

Let Go and Let God

The Bible says it is appointed to all men to die Hebrews 9:27. We are all on a journey, all in this thing called life going; all going to leave these earthly vessels one day.

Our prayer today is that this truth would encourage and move us to have an encounter with Jesus. Such an experience that it may be said of us that when we leave this earth, we will be sleeping in Christ.

I can speak from first hand experience of what it is like to let go of a loved one in the natural, one who has the comfort of God because they died in Christ. But in the process of grieving and mourning for our loved ones, may we be able to let go of all that hinders us from totally surrendering, trusting and living for Him God.

Pausing To Pray:

Lord help us on today…to taste and see how much You love us. You love us so much, enough to die for us that might live in You!


Pausing To Pray

Due to COVID-19 doctors have had to make the necessary adjustments in how they see their patients.

The instructions are to pull up to the building, text the office and wait in the car for the okay to proceed to the blue bench.

Green light…feeling like I rolled diced and moved to the next three spaces. By the time I made it to the blue bench, receptionist came out to take my temperature and squirted hand sanitizer in my hands.

After my appointment, I thought about this bee who though so many things that could hinder its day surrounds them everyday…they never stop buzzing, they don’t stop pollenating.

Instantly my perspective changes to gratitude. I begin praying for my doctor, who in spite of everything hasn’t let that stop her from seeing us, her patients.

I lifted up every first responder, all those that have an illness, those having a procedure this morning every store employee, every parent, teacher…everyone!

As I say amen, I’m reminded that no matter what is going on around us, no matter what the task for the day, we too must never stop…there are so many things we can do; and with this perspective we won’t complain about what we cannot!

Keep buzzing, keep pollinating and most of all keep praying!


Pausing For You!

Over the years, in addition to publishing several books, I have benefited from writing blogs and articles for several magazines and websites. But recently I thought about you, perhaps you have an untold story, testimony, or poem that you’d like to share?

Our Summer issue has already been published but keep reading you still have two more issues to submit your story, testimony or poem on our website and social media entities, please read the following themes and the guidelines:

Fall 2020 – Fears We Face(d)    (submission deadline is 08/15/20)

Winter 2020 – Wrapping Up My Year (submission deadline is 12/12/20)

Queries should be sent by e-mail to Article lengths vary widely from 300 to 3,000 words. When you forward your submission, you are agreeing that we have the right to edit and/or shorten in order to properly format. On occasion, longer articles and excerpts may be split up and shared at different intervals. Along with your submission, please include your name, a short bio and your picture. We do not accept material that has been previously published in any form in print or online.

Pausing With God Ministries is accepting your submission to publish on its website and other social media entities with no compensation being paid to you. If you understand and agree, feel free to submit your article by e-mail to 

In addition, feel free to contact via one the following venues:

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Pausing For You!

Over the years, in addition to publishing several books, I have benefited from writing blogs and articles for several magazines and websites. But recently I thought about you, perhaps you have an untold story, testimony, or poem that you’d like to share?

Our Summer and Fall issue have been published but keep reading you still have one more issues to submit your story, testimony or poem on our website and social media entities, please read the following themes and the guidelines:

Winter 2020 – Wrapping Up My Year (submission deadline is 11/01/20)

Queries should be sent by e-mail to Article lengths vary widely from 300 to 3,000 words. When you forward your submission, you are agreeing that we have the right to edit and/or shorten in order to properly format. On occasion, longer articles and excerpts may be split up and shared at different intervals. Along with your submission, please include your name, a short bio and your picture. We do not accept material that has been previously published in any form in print or online.

Pausing With God Ministries is accepting your submission to publish on its website and other social media entities with no compensation being paid to you. If you understand and agree, feel free to submit your article by e-mail to 

In addition, feel free to contact via one the following venues:

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Thank you and In All You Do, Don’t Forget To Pause





This is the season for graduations. While graduating from school (any grade) is a huge accomplishment. Graduating in the Lord is priceless.

On Sunday, May 31, 2020; Reginald L. Simmons (our dad), moved his tassel to the left front side of his cap.

This is so surreal as Saturday, May 30, 2020; he gave me a to do list when he would be one in that number, singing – “When the saints go marching in”.

There is so much I can say about him. We were working on his book and so I find it fitting to share the draft of the last page.

First of all, I would like to thank and praise God for my time here on earth. My heath and strength are still pretty good. I have plenty to be thankful for, my children and their children.

Life has been hard at times but looking back it was worth it all. I have a great family and at this time would like to enjoy all of you.   At my age, I can look back and see how good God has been to me and my family.  Some have gone on before me. So, I ’m looking forward to joining them when the time comes.

May God grant me time to see some of the young ones grow and if not, my prayer is that they grow and have a blessed life!

A memorial service will be held at a later date.


Pausing With God Ministries (In remembrance of Reginald Simmons)

In lieu of flowers, to honor Reginald (Reggie) Simmons life and legacy, you can make a tax-deductible donation either by using this link or mailing donation to: Pausing With God Ministries P. O. Box 9172, Fleming Island, FL 32006.



For a full obituary,


Pausing To Encourage

One day I’ll be able to share the entire testimony of how our friendship began… until then here’s a snippet of how the Lord used her to encourage me.

I called her to wish her a happy birthday, as we are FaceTiming I noticed she’s out taking a walk and unbeknownst to her she ended up encouraging me.

Most of you that know me have no heard how one of the items on my bucket list is to run a 5K. We caught up with the latest and after hanging up the phone, I realized that this challenge doesn’t have to be completed in the eyes of the public.

So I laid aside every weight that so easily beset me and hit the reset icon on my C25K app and off I went into the neighborhood.

Starting off with a brisk five-minute walk warm up, alternated with 60-seconds of jogging and 90-seconds of walking; wrapped up with a 5-minute cool down. Mission accomplished in 30 minutes and it feels so good!

As I sit here gulping down some water, I am aware of what is going on amongst us, but I remind myself that wisdom doesn’t equate to bondage…I pray God-give all of us creative ways to be encouraged.
Maybe it’s in the simple phone call to a family member or a friend.


Sheri, our friendship has spanned over 23 years. Over that time, We’ve laughed, cried, and prayed together.

My fitness journey originated out of a place of profound hurt and pain yet little did I know that GOD would use it to heal me and encourage others like you my sister.

Thank you for sharing this snippet of our friendship and love for one another. I love you 💕



Today is the last day of the year, and everyone is busy preparing for New Year’s Eve. In a few hours, it will be 2020, a new decade, and many of us will be launching our New Year’s resolutions. But honestly, after a few weeks, we often give up…Why?

Keeping these resolutions requires us to consistently take action every day to achieve the goals we’ve set. That’s why, throughout this week, I’d like to invite you to discover 7 healthy, holy habits (that I routinely do as well :-)) to start the year off right!

Sometimes we rush, head down, into action to achieve our “goals,” complete our “projects.”

What if, on New Year’s Eve, God were to challenge us through this verse? “Be still, and know that I am God!…”

(Read Psalm 46:10, NLT).

Courtesy of “A Miracle Every Day”.

Be blessed and remember that God is with you every day!


Pausing With God presents Woman Of Excellence Mother & Daughter Brunch

This video doesn’t exist

Our time together revealed:  (1) Women want to belong. (2) Women want authentic relationships. (3) Women want to impact their world around them. 

We celebrated ‘over 100 Women’ and the release of our new book:  A WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE THE MINISTRY OF MY MOTHER

This labor of love has been designed to be a blessing to woman of all ages: REVIVING, RENEWING AND RESTORING RELATIONSHIPS!

Sheri Powell and PWGM is also available for seminars, conferences, evangelistic outreaches, youth events, prayer shut-ins, Bible studies, workshops and book signings and so much more.   For more information or to book Sheri for your next event send us an email.


PWG Highlights – Tonia and mom

About 30 years ago, our Pastor gave my mother and I a prophetic word from the Lord.  He shared that we would have a “model relationship” one that others would look upon and desire.  If I went by what was going on at that time it would certainly seem as though he had missed God.

sis greene 3At the age of 17, I left home and to try my hand at adulting. Over the next few years there was little to no communication between my mom and me. However, this did not stop my mother from holding onto what God had spoken regarding us. You see she is a mighty woman of God, one who believes in the power of prayer. She was relentless in prayer for me as she held onto the word of God. 

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A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 1: The Storm

“It is hard trying to find some semblance of normalcy, while waiting to see what might happen next.”

I just love this first chapter.  You have no idea how hard it is to write a review when you are privy to only one chapter!  But the first indication that it was going to be good was that I did not want to stop reading, I even requested to read the next chapter!

From the first paragraph, Sheri has fashioned the female lead as relatable and warm.  She nervously jokes with her husband and goes on a short time later to pray for a safe flight home even though she knows there may be disaster to come from a looming storm.

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A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 2: None Given

“Though she found him, her father was still absent. Her sorrow remained and the void had ‘no name.”

“Before I begin to read Chapter Two “None Given”, I’m overwhelmed with emotions as I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been 10 years and 2 months since “Ma” passed, and I’m saddened by the fact that it’s been that long, yet excited for the chance to revisit her existence as she was such a phenomenal woman whose light shined so bright.

As I began reading, the words on the paper were a blur from my tears flowing like a faucet. I had to pause and ask God to help me make sense of the words that I wanted to share…

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A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 3: Do You Know Her?

“As I was going through her belongings, I found a birthday card that she never got to send me. I opened the card and it read.”

This chapter starts with thought provoking questions about how well you know your mother.  It closes with questions that inspire a mother and a daughter to take off the mask, be deliberate about getting to know one another.

Sheri and her mom had a relationship that blossomed over time. Her mom was encouraging and continued to speak even after her passing; in the cards and letters that Sheri discovered.

Sheri was blessed to witness her mom grow in the Lord. But it was the journals that her mom left behind journals that revealed things her mom’s heart that she maybe didn’t get to all-together see. This chapter made me curious, I’d like to get to know a mother figure like hers.

Thank you, Sheri, for letting me read this selection. Your truth really touched my heart.

-Rebeca Flores Clark

A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 4: What About You?

“Despite your praying and your encounter with God, are you still afraid?” 

I find myself, almost daily, reflecting on the many similarities I share with my older relatives, and how much my personality has been shaped by them. Whether for the good or bad, if we are not careful, we will live our lives through their shaping, and not that of the Lord. We can take on traditions and ways that are in keeping with family, rather than within the borders of God’s Word.

Sheri’s book helps us stay, or for some return to the place where we fully identify with the Lord and recognize the differences. Reflecting is good and helpful; “remove not the ancient landmarks” according to His Word. With that said, our eyes are set on what lies ahead and taken together we can better live a fuller life. No more fragments; no more limits or uncertainties. Sheri’s book will help clear that path, for many.

-Pastor Sandra Cedra

A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 5: These Three Words

“There are a lot of traditions that are passed down from one generation to another that are worth preserving.”

Three little words, such volume spoken here. What a blessing to have such sweet insight into one’s mother’s heart.  A legacy of her love and faithfulness for the Lord, in her valley or on the mountain top experiences.

Every now and then, we look back and wonder what will our legacy will be? Have we made an impression upon our children’s hearts. This chapter makes one consider writing down some thoughts or being deliberate about making memories that will outlast us?

Even though it’s years later, it is profound to see where the spark started. Three little words, “I love you”, “A mother’s love”,  “A Father’s (God) love” and  “A Daughter’s love”.

DeLorise had that figured out and passed it on to her precious daughter, so she would pass the baton to the next generation.

-Carla Coleman

A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 6: Restoration

“When Mom was finished, she stayed awake while I read my notes from the beginning to the end.”

What a warm and touching display of love and loyalty. Not only to the Lord, but within a mother & daughter relationship. I think it was a wonderful idea to parallel the story of Ruth and Naomi. Your writing is teaching the Word and life experience. Not only did your mom display her loyalty through her faith, but your relationship with her exhibited the loving heart of Jesus. One that stands beside us through all things.

I am reminded that we never have to be alone. Both, your mom and you displayed a sacrifice that is contagious. You devoted your time and love to her and she sacrificed her life to care for you. This memoir shall birth love and I pray reconciliation.

If that doesn’t sound like Jesus, I don’t know what does. By and large, this chapter grips at the heart strings and made me anxiously desire to read the next chapter. Well Done!

-Kimberly Matthews

A Woman of Excellence Book Review

Book Review – Chapter 7: It Is Finished

“…each of us will become all we were created to be – Woman of Excellence.

“Wow”, “wow” was my constant exclamation as I read through this. I am touched by your mother’s heart for others, despite her own pain and struggles. I am also touched by how much Jesus suffered to procure for her eternal life in Him. Amen, what a witness!

I can identify with the shaping process outlined in this chapter and my spirit jumped and leaped when I read the conclusion of the matter – my God, beauty for ashes! What an exemplary example of answered prayer, when a mother ‘s and a daughter’s prayer is heard.

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Breast Self-Exam

How Should A Breast Self-Exam Be Performed?

breast cancer self-exam instructions1) In the Shower

Using the pads of your fingers, move around your entire breast in a circular pattern moving from the outside to the center, checking the entire breast and armpit area. Check both breasts each month feeling for any lump, thickening, or hardened knot. Notice any changes and get lumps evaluated by your healthcare provider.

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