The Outer Court

We women have a defining quality that allows us to bond with one another. We are social butterflies, and friendship is a vital part of our lives.

Unfortunately over a period of time, our solidarity with one another has been placed on the back burner. There are shifts in our responsibilities have taken precedence.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, our minds are jam-packed with unattainable to-do lists. By the evening, our bodies are exhausted. We find ourselves with little to no energy to do anything else.

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Whether we have discovered it or not, we all have at least one similar characteristic from either Mary or Martha. These two sisters are mentioned in Luke 10:40. Mary did not take it lightly that there were things that needed to be accomplished. But in the frenzy of the day, she considered it a privilege to pause and sit at Jesus’ feet, gaining what could never be taken away.

On the other hand, Martha worried about what was not getting done. Her motive may have been in the right place, but her priorities were mislaid. Her feverish attempts to impress Jesus caused her to miss an opportunity to pause in His presence.

Pause and think about it: Does your life resemble Mary’s or Martha’s’, or maybe a little of both? I’m sure you have good intentions to spend time in prayer, but you find that your busy schedule or responsibilities hinder you from pausing with God. Well if you are reading this; today you get a another chance to be determined in making Him a priority. God is patiently waiting to give you what can never be taken away.

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Pausing To Spotlight…My Family

Pausing To Share…MY BLACK HISTORY MOMENT – A Slave, Midwife and Legacy: Dr. Judy Simmons – uncovered by my cousins Cleo and Melvin Graham

Who are your ancestors?

Have you thought about your connection to them lately?

Is slavery and freedom a part of your family’s legacy? If so, what impact did it have on your family’s life?

Here is a story about one of my ancestors, who played a remarkable role on the South Carolina plantation where my family was enslaved and later the community where she lived. According records we have found, my third great grandmother, Judy Simmons, was born in South Carolina or Alabama. She was initially called Judy Pickens, a surname of her slave owners Governor Andrew Pickens Jr. According to Andrew Pickens’ 1834 will, Judy and her family were deeded to his son, Governor Frances Pickens, who owned the Edgewood plantation in Edgefield, S.C. Fortunately, Frances Pickens preferred keeping slave families together rather than separating them, as so often happens after the death of a slave owner. After Emancipation, Judy’s last name became “Simmons.”

Judy figuratively stood on the shoulders of her strong African heritage and tapped into her familial knowledge of medicinal plants that she commonly used for delivering babies of plantation slave and freed women for more than fifty years (1830s to 1880s). Although she was not credentialed, she became known as “doctor” by other slaves and slave owners, out of respect for her knowledge. She was a remarkable midwife, who traveled between Edgefield, S.C., and Augusta, GA, to purchase traditional folk medicines that she used to deliver hundreds of babies. And after the War, she crossed the bridge from slavery to freedom. She crossed the bridge from dependence to independence, and in so doing she left her footprints as a path of grace that is traced to her descendants.

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Pausing In His Presence, Prayer, The Tabernacle


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Genesis 2:21–23 (Life Application Bible) states, “Man gives life to woman; woman gives life to the world.”


While women are looked upon to meet natural needs, her immense spiritual contribution must be noted. Women are created to be more than physical carriers. Women are born intercessors. There is nothing like a woman who knows how to pray in such a way that she and her prayers reach the throne of God.

Registration for group study is closed. If you’d like to participate in a Spring 2022 study, send us your contact information to PausingWithGod@gmail.com

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